About Us

A few more words about us

Il Picchio is truly a wonderful experience. Coming to this place moves your senses. What immediately meets your eye is the harmony between the farm, its houses, swimming pools and the surroundings.

No uniform view here, every one is different, yet in balance. And then there is the wind, or should I say breeze. A gentle breeze that rustles the leaves even during the hottest of summer days. This space living in harmony with Mother Earth makes you glad to be alive.

The peace and quiet is a gift and seeing the hills and the lake from the top of the ridge can change your perspective reducing all your worries and stress to nothing in just a breath taking moment.

Our team

Il Picchio has been run by the Nofrini Family for 20 years! We believed this place is so special that we continued to improve and expand its facilities.
Since we came here we have wanted to share the beauty of this place with those who visit here. So special is it that guests who are now friends continue to return; they are bound to Il Picchio by a common love of the place.
Our main task is to give you a wonderful time, to leave traces in your hearts of having experienced this most sublime of places to the eyes and soul.