Nofrini Winery

To begin a journey such as that of wine making is an arduous task but we have solid foundation as we have great raw materials to start with. The vineyard was planted in 1999 and cultivated with love and attention, in order to achieve the best results. We have produced our own label wines from 2006. 

Our vineyard has the right exposure and a perfect pedoclimate (the interaction between atmospheric climate and soil), where vine, soil, microclimate and cultivation techniques come together to provide the best results. In our newly built winery and with the help of an experienced and trusted winemaker we will finish the process and give life to our wine.

The production of wine is a tribute to the land and labour. It expresses to others who you are, and it contains the atmosphere of the place where this magical transformation is created.

On your arrival you will be welcomed with a bottle of wine and if you’re interested in learning more about the vineyards and winemaking techniques, you can visit the winery or take a guided walk through the vineyards.