Price List Casale il Picchio


La Capanna
with exclusive pool

A pool just for you. Try it!

Discounted periods

Contact us to know the discounts we offer throughout the year.

Reduction up to 4 people

35% less on the list price for Capanna and Molino with 2 rooms each with bathroom – excluded in high season.

Reduction up to 6 people

25% less on the list price for Capanna and Molino with 3 bedrooms each with bathroom – excluded in high season.

Sleep for € 25
Sleep for just € 25 In mid season, per person per night, in a double room and for bookings of minimum 3 nights (overnight stay only).

Sleep for € 20
Sleep for just € 20 In low season, per person per night, in a double room and for bookings of 3 nights (overnight stay only).

Booking cancellation policy

Compensation for Casale il Picchio in case of cancellation of the reservation by the customer: IN MEDIUM, HIGH AND HIGHEST SEASON: – up to 30 days. before the start of the stay: the amount of the deposit; – from 30 to 15 days first: 60% of the entire quota (in this case 40% will be reimbursed); – 15 days first: the full amount of the reservation; in any case, these fees will be retained only if the house cannot be rented again (in the affirmative case only the difference in price will be withheld) and the deposit amount can be used as a down payment for a subsequent stay in low or medium season . IN LOW SEASON, instead, only the amount of the deposit will be withheld and will be kept as a deposit for a subsequent stay in low or medium season.

Compared to these conditions, for the current situation we have improved the cancellation policy on the customer side.


Low Season

from 09/01 to 08/04 – from 15/04 to 03/06 – from 30/09 to 23/12/23

Mid Season

from 08 to 15/04 (for week stays) – from 03/06 to 01/07 – from 2 to 30/09/23

High season

from 01 to 15/07 – from 26/08 to 2/09 – from 23 to 26/12/23  

Highest season

from 15/07 to 26/08/23 – from 27/12/23 to 7/01/24 – Short stays during festivities


Low Season

from 08/01 to 30/03 – from 06/04 to 01/06 – from 28/09 to 21/12/24

Mid Season

from 30/3 to 6/04 (for stays of a week) – from 1st to 29/06 – from 31/08 to 28/09/24

High season

from 29/06 to 13/07 – from 24 to 31/08 – from 21 to 26/12/24

Highest season

from 13/07 to 24/08 – from 27/12/24 to 7/01/25 – Short stays during festivities

Reductions from the Price List up to 4 or 6 people

In highest season our reservations go from Saturday to Saturday and concern the whole apartments. In low, medium and high season we accept bookings for periods shorter than 7 nights and we apply reductions from the price list of Molino and Capanna: 25% up to 6 people (only 3 bedrooms) and 35% up to 4 people (only 2 bedrooms).

Room prices for low, medium, high and highest season

PRICES PER ROOM FOR STAYS OF ONLY ONE NIGHT: in case of stays of several nights, the price goes down according to the offers. With the exception of the high season, it is possible to rent rooms with private bathrooms, only overnight stays and all inclusive: Low season: double/twin € 60; triple € 75; single € 40. Medium season: double/twin € 65; triple € 80; single € 45. High season: double/twin € 70; triple € 85; single € 45. In highest season, if at the moment there is availability, the prices are those of high season.